Small but mighty!

These powerful All-In-One Controllers are an exciting addition to our offering lineup…

In the not so distant past, buildings needed a full Building Management System (BMS) to have the ability to customize the settings on your HVAC, or you were limited to your thermostat’s capabilities – a stark difference in functionality between the two options.  A full BMS included a master controller with specific drivers installed, extended memory for trending, a computer workstation, BMS workstation software and more.  Distech now offers a solution that is far more sophisticated than basic thermostat control, but also far more budget friendly than a full BMS installation – welcome to the Distech Controls™ ECY series of all-in-one controllers.

Though there are a variety of flavors offered based on the application, our current favorite is the S-1000 controller from the Eclypse ECY-CSC Series.  Ideal for central plant and mechanical equipment control, it is modular and scalable, to effectively address any HVAC application, up to 320 points using the expansion modules.  The S-1000 can be purchased with embedded graphics, has trending and alarming capabilities and a fast processor for expedited access to the plethora of information within.   ABS has found this controller to be the versatile mid-range solution many of our customers have been searching for. 

This is a view of an ABS fabricated panel interior using one S1000 controller with expansion modules and accessories to control Rooftop units,  Hot Water System and Chilled Water System at one of our customer locations.

panel 2

Our team would love to talk to you about your building needs, whether it’s full BMS or our newer mid-range options, our team can personalize a solution for you!  Learn more about our design process and how we customize options to suit your needs.