Benefits of Building Automation System

Automated Building Solutions remains on the cutting edge of commercial building technologies. It’s one of the ways we can provide clients with long-term solutions rather than just fast fixes. We assist our customers in taking an active role in the maintenance of their facilities. Building Automation Systems (BAS) are one of the few enhancements that can do more in this approach.

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We’ve seen how effective automated controls can be for our clients. The right BAS for your facility ensures that multiple systems work together seamlessly, and our team knows how to integrate and maximize building automation so that you get the most out of it.

Let’s look at a few of the primary advantages of BAS below.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a BAS can reduce your facility’s energy consumption by up to 30%. Building automation strives to improve the integration of numerous systems so that they can function together as efficiently as possible. This lowers a facility’s overall running expenses by reducing the amount of energy wasted when systems aren’t optimized or suffer from human error. This energy efficiency also results in a building that is more environmentally friendly.

Increased Efficiency

A building automation system’s ability to govern the entire facility means higher performance from all of the systems it manages. This comprises the heating and cooling system, lighting, security, and detection systems, among other things. With the appropriate BAS at the controls, you’ll know that your facility is performing to its full potential.

Repairs and maintenance costs are reduced

BAS reduces the stress on component parts by lowering energy use while boosting performance throughout a facility. Because the BAS has made all of their tasks easier, you won’t have to plan as many light, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning repairs. All your building’s components should provide you with many more years of service!

Added Value

Building automation systems are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in commercial buildings, to the point where they are now expected in newer structures. When you upgrade to a BAS, you can greatly boost the value of your building and property. A facility with the most advanced technology will command a higher premium from potential buyers.

Air Quality and Comfort Improvement

For the best comfort, BAS monitors and adjusts temperature and humidity controls automatically. In addition, the system analyzes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels at the same time to ensure a safer and more comfortable working environment. BAS sensors enable each room or zone to be uniquely modified for each condition.

Security and Safety

Security monitoring and access are frequently handled by building automation systems, which helps to improve security. BAS also keeps an eye on equipment that could become a safety issue if they were to malfunction and notifies you early enough to avoid harm.

There are other advantages as well, which our team is pleased to discuss with you.

We are a recommended Distech NYC integrator, but we work with clients all throughout the tri-state region and beyond. Learn more about how Automated Building Solutions can work with your location to determine the ideal control and accessibility setup for you! Our experts will be delighted to speak with you about your building’s requirements, whether you require a full BMS or one of our newer mid-range alternatives!