Historic Preparatory High School

Monmouth County, NJ



This client is a historical all-girl private STEM based high school who was relocating to a renovated 22,460 square foot building on a decommissioned Army Base. Budget and timeline were critical requirements for this client, as well as energy efficiency and coordination.


This historic preparatory high school needed help renovating their HVAC and lighting control systems to be more energy efficient, they reached out to ABS. This clients’ existing building systems were outdated, not cost effective, and did not allow for remote operation. The timeline was of utmost importance with the school year schedule, while  budget constraints also required this project to take place in 2 phases.


Phase one, which involved updating the HVAC control system and lighting control system for the West wing , started in March 2016 and ended in August 2016. Phase two for the East wing was started in June 2018 and ended in October 2018.

To remedy the problems the client was facing, ABS coordinated the input of multiple contractors. This included: general contractor, mechanical contractor, testing and balancing contractor, Daikin (the equipment manufacturer), and most importantly, the school board. Together, these teams were able to update the building’s outdated HVAC and lighting control systems and transform them into a high tech learning facility. Lighting control systems were installed for 11 zones throughout the school. ABS is currently is contracted for preventative maintenance for the systems installed.


Ultimately, with the newly installed HVAC and lighting control systems, the client has far greater control over how and when these systems operate, based on time schedules, occupancy, and demand. ABS also implemented a custom 3-dimensional graphic interface so making adjustments to the HVAC and lighting controls are available remotely, as well as fast to learn and easy to perform. The new control systems also help with the comfort level and increase student alertness and productivity.