Twin 12-Story Office Building

Rutherford, NJ

603,000 sq ft


The client is a two-building Class A office complex located in Rutherford, NJ built in 1981, renovated in 2006. Owned by a commercial real estate company, the buildings provide a highly-desirable residence to world-class companies. ABS was brought in as the building automation company to handle a turnkey design and implementation of their upgraded systems.


The client had an assortment of different systems, controls, and equipment vendors in place prior to partnering with ABS and were looking for consistency in both buildings. Although they had some parts of the buildings using direct digital control (DDC) devices, others were using pneumatic controls. Pneumatic controls use compressors which have leaks, are expensive to run, and are harder to optimize for accuracy and reliability. Additionally, the fan systems used by the buildings were out-of-date.


ABS managed the entire building automation project from design to implementation. We utilized top-of-the-line equipment from Distech and Q-PAC and  we replaced the fan system to an ECM model to save energy. All chillers, exhaust fans, and supply fans were updated to utilize to DDC controls. A total of 108 ECM supply fans and 574 VAV boxes were installed. The entire project was completed within 6 months.


The cost savings for the company due to energy conservation were 14% after the completion of our We continue to provide service and preventative maintenance to the client, and their system is scalable for new upgrades and technologies in the foreseeable future.