ABS Quarterly Newsletter ISSUE 02 | OCTOBER 2022

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Why Preventative Maintenance is critical to your facility Gain peace of mind that your Building Automation System is performing at peak capacity with a preventative maintenance plan. Performing scheduled maintenance visits prevent major performance issues. Any problems that do arise are quickly identified and mitigated to ensure your facility is back to running as quickly as possible. This […]

Why Should You Upgrade Your BAS?

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Why Should You Upgrade Your BAS? Upgrading an older BAS gives you access to today’s technology while also extending the life of your current system. Upgrading your BAS provides a more modern interface, cost savings on energy, comfort, and many more. So, why consider upgrading your BAS? BAS Access that is Secure Hackers now know how […]

Benefits of Building Automation System


Automated Building Solutions remains on the cutting edge of commercial building technologies. It’s one of the ways we can provide clients with long-term solutions rather than just fast fixes. We assist our customers in taking an active role in the maintenance of their facilities. Building Automation Systems (BAS) are one of the few enhancements that […]

COVID-19 Update

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As you know, Automated Building Solutions has been diligent with implementing cleaning and sanitization procedures throughout our company to keep our employees and customers safe during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are not exempt from the effects of the Omicron variant and the high rate of transmission that is being experienced by so many. Despite our […]

Centralized Decentralization?


With the pandemic still a growing concern for both employers and employees, many owners and decision makers are slow to have staff returning to the office and in turn, relying on remote capabilities for day to day operations.     In the past, the main focus of HVAC automation was to reduce operation costs.  This has traditionally […]

One size does not fit all

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Distech controls has always been at the forefront of technology in our industry, and we proudly work to specify and procure the latest and greatest hardware and software for our installations, however, sometimes it just isn’t an option due to customer budget limitations.  Automated Building Solutions works diligently with our customer base to give the […]

IOT, Internet Of Things, but what does that mean for Building Automation?

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IoT is paving the way towards the next industrial revolution – but what does it mean for us now? How does it impact our facility managers, building engineers and decision makers regarding building automation going forward? The definition of Building Automation is “automatic centralized control of a building’s HVAC, lighting, Access Control, and other interrelated […]

Setting the bar (and the floor) high…

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When you work for an innovative biotechnology customer whose mission is “Limitless Potential, Precision Design, Enduring Impact”,  you need to come prepared with a fast paced and detail oriented team, adaptable product line and an offering of scalable solutions.  Automated Building Solutions, in partnership with Distech Controls™, is able to do just that for one […]

Who holds the keys to your kingdom?

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Energy and connectivity have been the main buzzwords regarding building automation for quite some time, but access control has always been a main factor of importance in building management, protecting your employees, confidential information and property.  Who is permitted to come and go within your space is critical, but now can also tie into reporting […]