COVID-19 Update

As you know, Automated Building Solutions has been diligent with implementing cleaning and sanitization procedures throughout our company to keep our employees and customers safe during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are not exempt from the effects of the Omicron variant and the high rate of transmission that is being experienced by so many. Despite our best efforts, we too have experienced a high amount of positive cases in recent weeks.

We will continue to be vigilant with our processes, following all CDC guidelines, and company protocols to ensure a safe return of our employees to the workplace as these situations occur. We will also continue to provide the consistent results you’ve come to expect as our customer. It is also of utmost importance for us to ensure the safety of our staff and yours during this continued pandemic.

Aside from this, all of us here at Automated Building Solutions wish you a strong and prosperous 2022, and here’s looking forward to what lies ahead.

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