Setting the bar (and the floor) high…

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Walkable ceiling at the Branchburg facility

When you work for an innovative biotechnology customer whose mission is “Limitless Potential, Precision Design, Enduring Impact”,  you need to come prepared with a fast paced and detail oriented team, adaptable product line and an offering of scalable solutions.  Automated Building Solutions, in partnership with Distech Controls™, is able to do just that for one of our newest clients.  The rigid requirements of critical lab testing spaces and the massive coordination effort required with all trades to meet an aggressive deadline in this 53,000 square foot space has been going smoothly and is poised for on-time completion.  We’ll be posting a case study when the project is complete!

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Who holds the keys to your kingdom?

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Energy and connectivity have been the main buzzwords regarding building automation for quite some time, but access control has always been a main factor of importance in building management, protecting your employees, confidential information and property.  Who is permitted to come and go within your space is critical, but now can also tie into reporting capabilities of how many people are in the space, what demands are put on the ventilation system and carbon dioxide levels in the area in addition to traditional access permissions.  The pandemic has also put a focus on who can freely access your business, and whether they’ve gone through the appropriate screening.

Building Automation technology has evolved greatly in the past decade, but security access has as well, though it’s often not the focal point. Having a building automation that seamlessly ties all of those needs together is critical, and Automated Building Solutions is ready to meet with your team, discuss your unique needs and provide feature-rich access controls through your Distech control system, offering centralized control of both worlds.  Distech Controls product line offers robust features, but most notable – using your mobile device as your access card.  No more misplaced access cards or broken keychain fobs.  In a time when the whole world needs to fit into your pocket and your phone is the key to everything, Distech’s product line offers customizable solutions to meet the need of security and convenience, all within the EC-Bos 8 and EC-Net Access.

Access control, video monitoring and visitor management are now fully integrated to the building automation system, and no longer a separate entity as in years past.  This also leads to valuable analytics on occupant climate experiences, lighting control usage, as well as how traffic flows through your facility.  All of these metrics tie into avenues for potential energy savings and reducing operational costs.

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What’s new and exciting in the world of thermostats?

The pandemic delayed many things this past year, including the highly anticipated release of the new ECLYPSE Connected Thermostat. Fortunately, technology this beautiful, intelligent and connected can’t be delayed forever, and the time has come!   Automated Building Solutions is anxiously awaiting our first batch, ready to provide our customers this exciting new solution, taking thermostats to the next level.   The ECLYPSE Connected Thermostat has entered a new era of customization, using ECYYPSE Sky Ecosystem SDK, RESTful API & Microsoft Azure IoT Hub – this offers a new and unique user experience,  exceptional ease of use, flexibility, functionality and is going to be our go-to for upcoming hotel, commercial office, high-rise residential and education projects.   The perfect option for RTU, Heat Pumps, FCU or zone control applications, it offers a touchscreen interface, multiple connectivity options including wired IP and Wi-Fi for system communication, and Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) for mobile connectivity.

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Download the below information sheet for more details on this exciting new product or read more about the release from Distech.

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Small but mighty!

These powerful All-In-One Controllers are an exciting addition to our offering lineup…

In the not so distant past, buildings needed a full Building Management System (BMS) to have the ability to customize the settings on your HVAC, or you were limited to your thermostat’s capabilities – a stark difference in functionality between the two options.  A full BMS included a master controller with specific drivers installed, extended memory for trending, a computer workstation, BMS workstation software and more.  Distech now offers a solution that is far more sophisticated than basic thermostat control, but also far more budget friendly than a full BMS installation – welcome to the Distech Controls™ ECY series of all-in-one controllers.

Though there are a variety of flavors offered based on the application, our current favorite is the S-1000 controller from the Eclypse ECY-CSC Series.  Ideal for central plant and mechanical equipment control, it is modular and scalable, to effectively address any HVAC application, up to 320 points using the expansion modules.  The S-1000 can be purchased with embedded graphics, has trending and alarming capabilities and a fast processor for expedited access to the plethora of information within.   ABS has found this controller to be the versatile mid-range solution many of our customers have been searching for. 

This is a view of an ABS fabricated panel interior using one S1000 controller with expansion modules and accessories to control Rooftop units,  Hot Water System and Chilled Water System at one of our customer locations.

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Our team would love to talk to you about your building needs, whether it’s full BMS or our newer mid-range options, our team can personalize a solution for you!  Learn more about our design process and how we customize options to suit your needs.

Focus on Energy & Emissions…

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With HVAC systems responsible for about 60% or more of site electrical energy use, it’s imperative to routinely maintain and inspect equipment to ensure energy efficiency along with thermal comfort and indoor air quality.  This has been the case for many years, but now NYC Local Law 97 (also knows as the NYC Green Deal) brought critical attention to the energy use and emissions portion, and the COVID-19 pandemic put the indoor air quality in the spotlight.  There has never been a more important time to assure your equipment is properly maintained, operating at optimal capacity, as well as energy efficient.

Automated Building Solutions is a preferred Distech NYC Integrator, however we do business throughout the tri-state area and beyond.  We offer a variety of BMS Solutions to help combat these concerns – including;

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Constant Commissioning
  • Power Monitoring & Energy Dashboards
  • Energy Audits
  • LED Lighting
  • Smart Room Automation

and a wealth of other options.  Contact us for more information to unlock your facility’s potential!

To learn more about how our product line supports these solutions in conjunction with NYSERDA and NYSERDA RTEM:

Why think big but go small?

Big or small

While Automated Building Solutions is an authorized partner with Distech Controls and have customers throughout the tri-state area and beyond – we aren’t on the list of the “big boys” in the many recent articles outlining the explosive growth anticipated in the building automation industry by 2025. 

We pride ourselves on that fact and here’s 5 reasons why. 

  • We are specialists at what we do, whether it’s design build, plan and spec, legacy retrofits, service – we have experienced people who are not only skilled at their trade, but also have a passion for what they do and take great pride in their work.
  • We have flexibility to work around what your needs are, less corporate red tape and approval processes and a more customized and quick turn-around solution for your needs.  We are also able to think on our feet and evolve as the situation demands.
  • You will know who you are working with, have a relationship and open communication with us.  You will get the service you are promised, not lip service or empty promises. 
  • We don’t only cultivate new customers and relationships, but we count on our repeat customers to contact us when they need us – we need to stand by our reputation and past performance to achieve that. 
  • We work hard to perform and exceed expectations to earn and keep your trust.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”  – Thomas J. Watson Sr.

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2020 – Remembering A Year Like No Other

Though many notable things have happened in the past year, none more substantial than the COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown taking shape in the tri-state area in March 2020.  Though approaching a year since the outbreak happened, businesses and families are still trying to adjust to the new normal that has evolved.  Automated Building Solutions (ABS) has managed to find that new normal – outfitting all our staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and following all CDC guidelines throughout the outbreak, facilitating our teams to work remotely as well as assuring customers could remotely access their properties and stay current with the day to day operations, and eventually returning back to our spaces.  We’ve also worked hard to offer solutions to our customers, partnering with mechanical companies and engaging in discussions regarding air changes and air flow, outdoor air requirements, humidity levels, air filtration/HEPA (MERV-13) filters, demand controlled ventilation, UV lighting and many other topics we researched, priced and offered during this time.  ABS has prided itself on being on the forefront of everchanging information on building needs during this pandemic and will continue to stay current with offerings and options.  We continue our commitment to you, our customers, to keep in line with the revised vision of our company “Ensure value to every customer through quality craftsmanship and lasting solutions delivered by skilled professionals with safety in mind”, we are all in this together and will come through it together.

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