Why think big but go small?

Big or small

While Automated Building Solutions is an authorized partner with Distech Controls and have customers throughout the tri-state area and beyond – we aren’t on the list of the “big boys” in the many recent articles outlining the explosive growth anticipated in the building automation industry by 2025. 

We pride ourselves on that fact and here’s 5 reasons why. 

  • We are specialists at what we do, whether it’s design build, plan and spec, legacy retrofits, service – we have experienced people who are not only skilled at their trade, but also have a passion for what they do and take great pride in their work.
  • We have flexibility to work around what your needs are, less corporate red tape and approval processes and a more customized and quick turn-around solution for your needs.  We are also able to think on our feet and evolve as the situation demands.
  • You will know who you are working with, have a relationship and open communication with us.  You will get the service you are promised, not lip service or empty promises. 
  • We don’t only cultivate new customers and relationships, but we count on our repeat customers to contact us when they need us – we need to stand by our reputation and past performance to achieve that. 
  • We work hard to perform and exceed expectations to earn and keep your trust.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”  – Thomas J. Watson Sr.

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2020 – Remembering A Year Like No Other

Though many notable things have happened in the past year, none more substantial than the COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown taking shape in the tri-state area in March 2020.  Though approaching a year since the outbreak happened, businesses and families are still trying to adjust to the new normal that has evolved.  Automated Building Solutions (ABS) has managed to find that new normal – outfitting all our staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and following all CDC guidelines throughout the outbreak, facilitating our teams to work remotely as well as assuring customers could remotely access their properties and stay current with the day to day operations, and eventually returning back to our spaces.  We’ve also worked hard to offer solutions to our customers, partnering with mechanical companies and engaging in discussions regarding air changes and air flow, outdoor air requirements, humidity levels, air filtration/HEPA (MERV-13) filters, demand controlled ventilation, UV lighting and many other topics we researched, priced and offered during this time.  ABS has prided itself on being on the forefront of everchanging information on building needs during this pandemic and will continue to stay current with offerings and options.  We continue our commitment to you, our customers, to keep in line with the revised vision of our company “Ensure value to every customer through quality craftsmanship and lasting solutions delivered by skilled professionals with safety in mind”, we are all in this together and will come through it together.

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