One size does not fit all

Distech controls has always been at the forefront of technology in our industry, and we proudly work to specify and procure the latest and greatest hardware and software for our installations, however, sometimes it just isn’t an option due to customer budget limitations.  Automated Building Solutions works diligently with our customer base to give the best option possible, within budgetary constraints and in some cases – it’s updating another contractors installation, making the system more efficient, less cumbersome and overall tidier virtually and physically. 

before after

In this example, we started a new relationship with a very hands-on customer, who installed on his own over many years. He had a hybrid combination of 3 different automation product lines, one of them being Distech. The system was operational, but not working as optimal as possible, and he was at the end of his expertise.  The customer budget would not allow a new enclosure or updated hardware, however, ABS was able to work with him to evaluate, update and realign how his system was running, as well as making his enclosure much easier for further expansion and system troubleshooting.

This led to gaining a new customer who has multiple colleagues involved with commercial office spaces and has now recommended Automated Building Solutions as a preferred vendor. No job is too small, and even a small installation may lead to bigger opportunities.

Find out more about how Automated Building Solutions can work with you to find a customized solution, because sometimes brand new just isn’t in the budget