Automated Building Solutions (ABS) offers state-of-the-art building management systems (BMS), Eclypse, through Distech Controls. Eclypse offers the first BMS that functions through artificial intelligence, which is constantly learning to give customers money saving changes. Eclypse offers clients a user friendly interface that is easily accessible on many different devices and allows for remote access. Through its smart technology, Eclypse offers optimized security for your clients’ business needs.

List of Products

  • ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter
  • System and Equipment Control Solution | Distech Controls
  • ECLYPSE Connected System Controller – ECY-CSC Series
  • ECLYPSE nLight Solution
  • ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller – ECY-VAV Series
  • ECLYPSE Communication Modules
  • ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Unit Controller – ECY-PTU/TU Series