Building Automation System (BAS) Integration & Installation

All our installed systems are inspected by our team of professionals to verify proper installation and we complete internal commissioning and testing to ensure proper and optimal performance for your system.

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Professional BAS Integration & Installation Services

Automated Building Solutions (ABS) prides itself on its many years of experience in building automation systems (BAS) and the expertise of its qualified professionals. This gives clients who choose ABS a leading advantage concerning BAS integration and installation. ABS works with clients, who are a fundamental piece of the entire process. This ensures optimal execution and performance of the BAS system. 

Some clients have older BAS, referred to as legacy systems. Often, clients have already spent a lot of time, money, and learning into these systems. ABS offers to update or integrate these older systems to the efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of state of the art BAS systems. 

Maintenance is needed to ensure optimal performance of BAS after the installation process. ABS offers clients leading experienced professionals to ensure the BAS is running at peak performance, which yields better cost-effectiveness. ABS professionals are ready to assist clients with any questions or concerns and provide timely response.

Case Studies

Building Automation Installation Projects

German High-Tech Company

This client is an industry-leading technology company based in Germany with a U.S. headquarters in Cranbury, NJ. They provide manufacturing solutions in the fields of

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Fragrance Development Center

The client is a fragrance development center for commercial, creative, R&D, and corporate teams. They utilize fragrance creation and extraction technologies within their facility to

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Our Installation Process

Step 1

Project Kickoff

After the design phase is completed, we will begin implementing your new building automation system at your facility. The control panels will be fabricated at our location and brought to your building for installation. Our team will perform the installation and integration throughout the building and setup the required systems and software.

Step 2

Project Management

Throughout the installation process, our project management and communication will be crucial to a successful building automation system installation. You will be in direct contact with our engineers and a project manager throughout the process.

Step 3

Documentation & Closeout

Upon completion of the building automation system installation, we will provide a complete set of documentation on the system. This includes wiring diagrams, sequence of operations, control panel component lists and much more.

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