Building Automation System (BAS) Service & Preventative Maintenance

ABS service and preventative maintenance provides clients with experts around the clock, who continually monitor the system to make sure it is performing optimally.

Equipment Optimization

Improved System Efficiencies

Standardized Plans

Reduced Operating Costs


Building Automation Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs

After having the building automation system (BAS) installed, clients can choose to have a service and preventative maintenance program added to their package through Automated Building Solutions (ABS). This gives clients peace of mind that their BAS is performing at peak capacity. It prevents major performance issues of the BAS by continuously correcting faults that might arise before they become larger problems. 

ABS service and preventative maintenance provides clients with experts around the clock, who continually monitor the system to make sure it is performing at an optimal level. Any problems that arise are quickly identified and mitigated to ensure clients’ buildings are back to running at peak efficiency. This frees up staff’s time and promotes customer and client satisfaction. 

This also reduces cost, as problems are fixed in a timely and efficient manner and restoring operation quickly. ABS makes it a priority to stay on top of problems as they arise, so they do not become major problems requiring large sums of money to fix later on. The service and maintenance program keeps the BAS functioning properly, ensuring energy usage remains efficient, thereby also saving client money. ABS experts will make recommendations on system upgrades, as automation needs change, and continually strive to give clients’ staff the needed education to efficiently run the BAS appropriately.

24/7 monitoring services

Tridium-Niagara Based Systems

We offer 24/7 monitoring services on Tridium-Niagara based systems. Through a remote connection (Static IP or VPN) ABS will be able to:

  • Provide continuous system-wide monitoring for your HVAC system.
  • Provide notification of system alarms via email and/or text message to building engineers or any personnel managing the front end.
  • Provide alarm history and system point trending.
  • Provide remote support to help prevent equipment downtime which can lead to other business losses.
  • Provide professional insight that helps you leverage your building to accomplish specific business goals.


Preventative Maintenance Plan & Service Features

Remote Monitoring

Your system can be monitored remotely with a reliable internet connection.

Established Plans

Choose from standard or custom maintenance schedules and terms.

Automated Alerts

Receive critical or informational alerts through email or text message.

Repair & Replacement

If issues arise, we provide timely and cost-effective building automation repair and replacement estimates.


Work Order Management

Receive work orders digitally with a complete description of work performed and recommended repairs.

Emergency Service Coverage

We have a rotation of technicians to take your emergency service calls 24/7. You will never be without service in an emergency.

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