Kris Gobo

VP of Business Development

20 years in industry

Experience & responsibilities

  • Kris currently manages operations for automation group and facilities business development and marketing strategies throughout the company.
  • He is an experienced finance and operations manager with 20 years of progressive and diverse experience in HVAC and healthcare industries.
  • Kris helps ABS effectively manage short and long-term projects, while remaining focused on achievement of the overall organizational objectives.
  • He focuses on the collective best practices of the business, establishes and implements standardized operation processes across all departments on an operations and sales level.
  • He ensures accountability with managing and enhancing customer base and assuring customer satisfaction.
  • Kris works closely with all teams to enable seamless communication and profitability and to drive growth company wide reviewing incoming work/sales pipeline and ensuring follow-up.
  • His primary goals are to keep the sales and estimating team focused, consistent and profitable and maintaining strong customer relationships and ensuring overall business growth.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & MBA, NJIT
  • OSHA10
  • Six Sigma/ACE Process Improvement
  • PMP Training