Who holds the keys to your kingdom?

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Energy and connectivity have been the main buzzwords regarding building automation for quite some time, but access control has always been a main factor of importance in building management, protecting your employees, confidential information and property.  Who is permitted to come and go within your space is critical, but now can also tie into reporting capabilities of how many people are in the space, what demands are put on the ventilation system and carbon dioxide levels in the area in addition to traditional access permissions.  The pandemic has also put a focus on who can freely access your business, and whether they’ve gone through the appropriate screening.

Building Automation technology has evolved greatly in the past decade, but security access has as well, though it’s often not the focal point. Having a building automation that seamlessly ties all of those needs together is critical, and Automated Building Solutions is ready to meet with your team, discuss your unique needs and provide feature-rich access controls through your Distech control system, offering centralized control of both worlds.  Distech Controls product line offers robust features, but most notable – using your mobile device as your access card.  No more misplaced access cards or broken keychain fobs.  In a time when the whole world needs to fit into your pocket and your phone is the key to everything, Distech’s product line offers customizable solutions to meet the need of security and convenience, all within the EC-Bos 8 and EC-Net Access.

Access control, video monitoring and visitor management are now fully integrated to the building automation system, and no longer a separate entity as in years past.  This also leads to valuable analytics on occupant climate experiences, lighting control usage, as well as how traffic flows through your facility.  All of these metrics tie into avenues for potential energy savings and reducing operational costs.

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