Why Should You Upgrade Your BAS?

Why Should You Upgrade Your BAS?

Upgrading an older BAS gives you access to today’s technology while also extending the life of your current system. Upgrading your BAS provides a more modern interface, cost savings on energy, comfort, and many more. So, why consider upgrading your BAS?


BAS Access that is Secure

Hackers now know how to penetrate networks via a BAS, wreaking havoc on building systems, making cybersecurity more vital than ever. Protecting your BAS isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. 

It’s likely that older legacy systems won’t be able to improve their cybersecurity. BAS, as well as the networks, systems, and devices connected to it, could be compromised if it is not adequately protected. Unauthorized users are kept out of a modern building automation system. As we move toward a future dominated by the Internet of Things and wireless devices, modernizing your BAS is critical for ensuring security and preventing cyberattacks.

Add-ons with a lot of power

You’ll acquire significant feature add-ons for managing your building when you upgrade your BAS, such as enhanced analytics and data visualizations.

With outdated systems, data visualization may not be possible, and this limitation can prevent you from resolving issues or discovering improvements. With easy-to-understand statistics, a modern BAS will shed light on equipment utilization and operation. The redesigned interface improves the user experience, allowing for more efficient building control.

Hardware that is dependable

Regardless of the size of your business, upgrading your BAS is an opportunity to incorporate high-performance technology with powerful features. In the past, advanced hardware was only available at a significant cost—the more money spent on BAS, the more advancements were available. In addition, traditional manufacturers only offered devices with limited capabilities for smaller systems.

Things have changed since then. There is no distinction between devices designed for small buildings and those designed for large buildings. As a result, even on a tight budget, you can improve your management capabilities by upgrading to more powerful technology.

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Multiple Systems on a Single Platform

It’s not uncommon for an outdated BAS to have multiple building equipment control systems. Combining building automation with proprietary protocols to produce a comfortable and safe environment for occupants is a difficult task.

Upgrading to a current, open system simplifies life by integrating controls into a unified front-end interface. Instead of managing different systems and puzzling together data, you will have access to all of it in one place.

Occupant Comfort is Improved

The most crucial function of your BAS is to keep people comfortable. You’ll be able to maintain comfort and gain greater control to specify your own settings with an upgrade. An older BAS may have minimal settings— it’s common for it to have only one or two set points. Your ability to adapt to changes is severely limited due to a lack of options.

With a modern BAS, you’ll be able to define flexible restrictions, adapt to changing environments, and easily create a climate that promotes occupant comfort.

Improved Consumption of Energy

A modern BAS can allow you to reduce your facility’s energy footprint and save money on energy costs by developing with high accuracy and efficiency in mind and without compromising comfort. An older system with restricted reporting will not provide you with a comprehensive picture of your building’s energy consumption. And, with so few programming possibilities, determining the impact of energy-saving efforts will be difficult.

You may check the intricacies of energy distribution across your building/facility, including heating, cooling, lighting, and more, with a modern system. You can make informed judgments and modify programming to fulfill energy reduction targets if you are able to track energy use by function or equipment type.

Upgrade Your BAS with ABS

If you’re thinking about upgrading, make sure you choose the right professional with a proven record in the industry. For nearly two decades, ABS has been upgrading and installing building automation systems throughout the tri-state area and beyond.  We’re committed to partnering with you to get the functionality your building/facility requires.

Contact us to find out how ABS can help you modernize your BAS!