About Us

our vision

The ABS Difference

Our vision is to ensure value to every customer through quality craftsmanship and lasting solutions delivered by skilled professional. Automated Building Solutions was established in 2004, located in central NJ, ABS works to realize our mission and exceed your expectations during every step of the process.

our mission

Lasting Solutions

Our Mission is to help customers increase the return on their building investment.

Our customers are building owners, tenants, property managers, general contractors and our fellow employees.

We assist them in managing the full life-cycle cost of their air conditioning systems through efficient design, effective construction, dependable service and quality craftsmanship delivered by skilled professionals.

Quality in everything we do, exemplified by our people, equipment, trucks, tools, paperwork, and overall work environment.

Continually strive to reduce our customers’ cost of installation and service through more efficient construction, proper maintenance and innovative and creative solutions.

We expect to make a reasonable profit which will allow us to continually invest in the development and growth of our people and our company.

Long-term perspective about the solutions we recommend and about our business.  We expect to grow in a planned and thoughtful manner, with great customers and without debt.

Our people and our company are solid, down to earth and professional.  We will check our egos at the door and always think about what is in our customer’s best interest.

We don’t know everything so we will constantly strive to learn, seek the expert advice of others and acquire new knowledge and skills.

our core values

ABS Core Values

Exceeding customer expectations at every level

  • Doing it right, first and fast Anticipating our customers’ needs and resolving them.
  • Look for “root causes” and sustainable solutions
  • Communicating clearly, precisely and frequently with our customers and among our team

Personal and corporate integrity and honesty

  • We expect to be forthright and candid with ourselves, our employees and our customers
  • We will not shy away from the truth or the facts in all matters, personal or professional
  • Never compromise honesty for for expediency, even if it hurts us or the Company
  • We are willing to do the right thing, even if it hurts


  • We will price fairly to make a resonable profit – our focus is on always delivering value
  • We will never take advantage of our customers’ lack of knowledge or vulnerability
  • We will always follow the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have done unto you


  • Strong technical knowledge at all levels of our organization
  • Can do and will do attitude
  • Always courteous and understanding
  • Eager and enthusiastic embrace of continous change
  • Proud of ourselves, our work, our Company and for what we stand, collectively
  • Every customer is our best customer

Continuous learning

  • Constantly seek out new and better ways to do things
  • Keep up-to-date on new technologies, changes in the industry and the changing needs of our customers
  • Every problem is a learning opportunity

Teamwork between and among our staff and customers

  • Collaborative and collegial cooperation with our customers and among ourselves
  • Focus on we not me
  • Make it “win-win”
  • Always look for ways to help our team members whether it’s learning new skills or just lifting a load