Control Panel Fabrication

ABS experts have years of knowledge and help our customers receive the best control panel to best fit their needs.

Reliable Operation

Safety & Security




Hand-Selected Control Panel Components

Control panels allow clients access to different systems within their buildings. This includes electricity usage, HVAC, and lighting. Having the correct control panel is essential to running an efficient building automation system (BAS). Automated Building Solutions (ABS) experts have the extensive knowledge to assist clients in choosing the best control panel and needed modifications to yield cost-effective results for their businesses. 

Choosing the correct type of control panel is essential to having a BAS run smoothly. This is because the control panel gives access to how the BAS operates. The control panel also protects the BAS from electrical storms and is encased to protect employees working on it. Oftentimes, the human machine interface (HMI) will be found inside the control panel as well. The HMI gives clients and their employees a user friendly interface that they can control the BAS with. 

ABS has access to many different types of control panels and offers clients expertise on which is the best to choose for their needs. ABS experts have years of knowledge and help clients modify the chosen control panel to best fit their needs. They provide needed education to staff for ease of use of the panel. ABS continues support of installed control panels through troubleshooting and maintenance.


Control Panel Features

Reliable Operation

Our control panels are built for reliability and ease-of-use.

Safety & Security

Control panels have built-in safety features to protect against power surges and intrusions into the panel.

Ease of Performing Diagnostics

Control panels can be built with displays to provide limited control from the enclosure.


Our control panels are scalable and have the capacity for adding and expanding systems.


Control panels can be updated to fit your changing building automation needs.

NEMA Enclosures

NEMA 1, NEMA 4X, NEMA 12 enclosures are available.

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