German High-Tech Company

Cranbury, NJ

92,000 sq ft


This client is an industry-leading technology company based in Germany with a U.S. headquarters in Cranbury, NJ. They provide manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser technology, and electronics. ABS has completed various projects and provided invaluable expertise over our long history with the company.


As a global company, energy efficiency and cost savings are critical metrics to the client’s success. The company requires a highly-skilled team in order to properly integrate building automation throughout their unique systems, rooms and requirements, including explosion-proof installations, clean rooms, and critical processing-plant operations.


ABS provided the integration and controlling of equipment with an approved sequence of operations, which couldn’t have been done without a detail-oriented team of engineers and strictly-documented process. We brought in and tightly managed the roles of our building engineers, professional engineers, general contractors, mechanical contractors, insulators, electrical subcontractors and production staff.


After the the deployment of the client’s modernized building automation system, the company realized a significant increase in energy efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, we were able to provide many value engineering installations and utilize existing equipment and controllers for added phases of work. ABS provides preventative maintenance in place to assure minimized downtime of production. The client regularly benefits from our service call support, T&M work, remote monitoring and after hours escalation service.