Steve Markovich

Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer

37 years in industry

Experience & responsibilities

  • Steve has over 37 years of experience in the industry and co-founded Automated Building Solutions with Robert Egan in 2004. He leads ABS as the head of the installation team and working on initial design with the engineering team.
  • He is known for his complex programming sequences and specializes in retrofit upgrading work.
  • Steve designed the layout templates for our custom fabricated control panel enclosures and specified our standard installation materials based not only on price point, but reliability and field testing to ensure continued performance on our installations.
  • He stands behind his team and has a focus on everyone working together to give the best finished product possible to our customers and working on gaining repeat business.


  • Distech Controls GFX
  • Tridium AX & N4
  • JCI DX-9100
  • N30
  • FX Explorer
  • Honeywell Spyder
  • OSHA30
  • Trane Absorption Chillers
  • Trane Centrifugal Control